Well here we are again. That hectic time when students from The University of Birmingham and BCU begin their search for student accommodation for the next academic year in the Selly Oak area. 

How things have changed over the years. 20 years ago Birmingham students would make it their business when they came back to University after the Easter holidays to secure a house for the following year, the tenancy period for which would commence just a couple months later in July. That would be in late April/early May. 

By the early years of the new millennium that search for Selly Oak student accommodation would start when students returned after the Xmas/New Year break in early January. This wasn’t only for Birmingham University students. This earlier search for accommodation could also be seen in other major University cities. 

The more alert student then had a good idea. “Why don’t we get our student accommodation sorted out before the Xmas holiday ? Then we don’t have to worry about it when we get back in January.”

Without it actually being publicised, that notion seemed to sweep through the various halls of residence in Selly Oak and before long, letting student houses before Xmas became the norm for the University of Birmingham. 

At Unipads, we have always been very confident of letting our Birmingham student houses early and that is, in the main, due to the high quality of our properties. 

The vast majority of Unipads houses are in the Selly Oak area and they have been designed in such a way as to greatly appeal to Birmingham University students who are looking for a quality property for their year at University. Such is the quality of our Unipads houses that there are many cases in which Birmingham students will stay on in the same house for a second year because the house offers them everything they could possibly need in a student home. 

This year has now reached a new level as far as early timing is concerned. Our Unipads website has already received 5 applications for student accommodation in Selly Oak for 2019/20. Four of those applications actually came through last week before the University of Birmingham’s autumn term had even begun !!

We all know that the early bird catches the worm but this seems ridiculously early. 

We are updating our Unipads website during the next few days and hopefully by the end of this week, the site will be ready to go. 

We look forward to hearing from you so please check out our beautiful student houses on our Unipads website and select to view the houses that meet your search criteria.