Check out our properties online and email us, using the “Basket” facility with the properties you wish to view. We will then make the necessary arrangements and either email or call you to confirm times. We recommend that as many of your group as possible attend the viewing. Please remember that there is a maximum of 5 properties that can be viewed. There should be enough detail on the website to enable you to narrow your search to a maximum of 5.


Reserve Property


Once you have decided as a group on the property you wish to rent, you will all need to sign the AST (Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement) and pay the required deposit in full. Only at that stage is the house reserved for you and you are legally committed. The house is then taken off the market.


The Contract


The AST is a legal document so we recommend that you read it thoroughly and if necessary, have it checked out by parent or guardian. Once you are happy to proceed, you will all need to sign the AST.




Each person will need to pay a security deposit (as specified in the AST). This can be paid via online payment, cheque or cash. We will then protect your deposit via one of the government approved tenancy deposit schemes which has been mandatory since 2007.




Each person will be required to complete a “tenant information form” with their personal details, name, email address, mobile number etc. and also to provide the name of a UK Based guarantor (usually parent or close relative) who will guarantee the tenant’s performance under the terms and conditions of the AST during the tenancy period. We will then write to that person asking them to sign the appropriate form. In the event a UK Based Guarantor cannot be provided, the rent for the year will need to be paid upfront, alternatively the tenant can use a Guarantor Service such as Housing Hand. 




The periodic rent as per the AST will need to be paid in advance from the commencement of the tenancy period. The tenant is required to set up the payment arrangement via online banking and we will require confirmation that this has been done.


Utility costs


The rent does not include any utility costs. Typically, the regular charges are gas, electricity, water and  broadband/TV.


Key collection


We will email you all in advance with the arrangements for the day your tenancy commences including the address from where keys can be collected.


Property Handbook


Prior to the start of your tenancy we will email you with some helpful information about utilities (gas, electricity, water) and we will also email you our Property Handbook which contains virtually all you will need to know about the house and is an excellent reference both before and during your tenancy.