Q. Do you charge administration or finders fees?

A. Absolutely NOT !! With Unipads, you are dealing directly with the landlords and WE DO NOT CHARGE ANY SIGNING UP FEES.


Q. Do you have any houses for 9 or more people ?

A. No, we have houses for 3,4,5,6, 7 & 8 and some of these are right next to or very near each other, so a house for 4 next to or very near another house for 5 would be ideal for a group of 9. Similarly, a house for 6 next to or near a house for 4 would accommodate a group of 10 and so on. In this way we can actually accommodate groups from 9 up to 20 plus people.


Q. How do I reserve a property?

A. All our properties are offered on a strictly “first come first served” basis. Once you have seen the house and have decided as a group to take it then you need to pay the deposit, sign the tenancy agreement and at that stage the house is reserved for you..


Q. Some landlords do not supply a washing machine. Do we have to hire this ourselves ?

A. No, all our kitchens are fully equipped and include washing machines as well as fridges, freezers, cookers and microwaves. Most houses also have dishwashers and/or tumble dryers.


Q. Do we have to pay council tax ?

A. Students are exempt from council tax and we will give you full instructions how to apply for council tax exemption.


Q. We are a group of 5 but really like your 6 bedroom house. Can we still take it ?

A. Yes you can, but you will still have to pay 6 lots of rent so we do not recommend this course of action. You should really try to find a house for 5.


Q. What happens if something goes wrong in the house ?

A. Our response time is second to none and we are very proud of our record as to how quickly problems are dealt with. We have a number of tradesmen (plumbers, electricians etc.)who usually respond very swiftly if and when a problem occurs.


Q. Do we have to pay rent in the summer ?

A. Yes. Some students have summer jobs in Birmingham whilst others might have re-sits and they can live in the house during that time.


Q. Do we have to hire a T.V. ?

A. No, you do not. Without exception all of our houses come equipped with a T.V.


Q. Can the landlord be contacted in the evening or weekend ?

A. We are available all the time.


Q. How much will other bills cost us ?

A. This depends very much on usage, but as a guide, in a 5 bedroom house, you should budget on around £6 - £7 per week per person for gas, electricity and water.


Q. Does the house have internet connection ?

A. All our houses are internet ready. All you need to do is sign a contract with a service provider to activate the line, install a router which is compatible with your network card and start surfing.


Q. It gets very cold in winter in Birmingham. Are the houses double-glazed ?

Yes, all our houses are double-glazed and have gas central heating.


Q. How long is the contract ?

A. In most cases it is a 12 month contract starting 1st July.